Alsea reaches 17 thousand 518 million pesos in sales during the third quarter of 2022

  • Total sales increased 25.5% in the third quarter of 2022, reaching a record 17,518 million pesos

  • Same-Store Sales (SSS) reported a 30.5% growth vs. 3Q21

  • Same-Store Orders increased by 17.9% vs. 3Q21

  • The Company’s home-delivery sales growth continued, increasing by 14.8% vs. 3Q21, to over 2,900 million pesos with more than 11 million orders, representing a 16.7% share of consolidated sales

  • EBIDTA in 3Q22 increased by 334 million pesos vs. 3Q21, reaching 3,478 million pesos for the quarter, with a margin of 19.9%

  • There was a strong increase in earnings per share, which reached 2.26 pesos

  • Capital expenditure (CAPEX) for the third quarter was 916 million pesos, and in the last

    nine months a total of 98 corporate units were opened

  • Cash-on-hand stood at 5.1 billion pesos at the end of 3Q22, compared to 3.6 billion at the end of 3Q21

  • The Company had more than 74,000 employees at the end of 3Q22

  • The first 9 months of 2022 saw accumulated EBITDA increase 2,252 million pesos and Net Income increase 1,195 million pesos over the same period of 2021


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About Alsea
Alsea is the leading restaurant operator in Latin America and Europe of global brands in the quick service, coffee shop, fast casual, casual and family dining segments. It has a diversified portfolio, with brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Starbucks, Burger King, Chili’s, P.F. Chang’s, Italianni’s, The Cheesecake Factory, Vips, Vips Smart, El Portón, Archies, Foster’s Hollywood, Gino’s, TGI Fridays, Ole Mole and Corazón de Barro. The company operates more than 4,200 units in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Uruguay. Alsea’s business model includes support for its brands through a Shared Services Center that provides all the Administrative and Development Processes, as well as the Supply Chain. For more information please visit:

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