Concern over immigration surpasses inflation in the U.S. electoral landscape

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  • Immigration emerges as a key factor in the upcoming U.S. elections.

  • 35% of respondents believe that the candidates’ immigration policies will be crucial when


  • The proposal to toughen border laws and political dilemmas pose challenges for the Biden

    administration, says Marcelo Gondim, an immigration law expert.

  • President López Obrador proposes to Biden ten immigration initiatives, including the

    regularization of Mexicans in the U.S.

    Mexico City, February 9, 2024 – A recent survey reveals that immigration is now the main concern for Americans, surpassing inflation, ahead of the year-end presidential elections. This study, conducted by Harvard CAPS-Harris on January 22, highlights that 35% of participants view immigration policies as decisive for their vote choice, focusing especially on proposals to address illegal immigration.

    This shift in concerns marks a milestone, being the first time immigration has overshadowed inflation, which garnered 32% of respondents’ concern this time. Moreover, a significant 68% of voters advocate for stricter policies against undocumented entry, despite data from the American Immigration Council showing a substantial portion of the country’s population has immigrant roots.

    Marcelo Gondim, an immigration law specialist, comments, “Immigration has always been a central theme in electoral debates and candidates’ proposals. However, American society has never shown as much interest and concern as now, influenced by the restrictive policies of the Trump era and the current migration crisis, the most severe at the Mexican border. In a politically polarized environment, immigration policies will be key to choosing who will lead the White House next year.”

    With an average of 9,000 people detained each day for attempting to illegally cross the U.S. border and more than 140,000 deportations in 2023, the “pot” of the immigration debate seems about to boil over.

    “At this point in the season, in an election year, reaching an agreement seems increasingly difficult, as Republican senators and congressmen openly state they intend to ‘further strengthen’ border laws. Moreover, some of Biden’s border measures face rejection even within the Democratic party. As if the immigration issue weren’t enough, Biden is also involved in another confrontation with the Senate regarding funding for U.S. military support in Ukraine,” analyzed Gondim.

    As the November 5 elections approach, both Republicans and Democrats are intensifying their campaigns around immigration. Trump promises to implement stricter measures, while Biden emphasizes immigration reform as the solution to illegal immigration, arguing that restrictions only serve as temporary solutions.

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During his morning conference on February 6, President López Obrador presented ten immigration proposals to Joe Biden, aiming to benefit Mexicans in the U.S. and those wishing to enter the country. These include the regularization of Mexicans who have resided and worked in the U.S. for five years or more, the promotion of legal migration channels, and measures against drug trafficking, such as fentanyl.

“Amid polarized discourses between the welfare of immigrants and the tightening of laws, millions live without rights, in the shadows. The U.S. requires a more humane immigration law that maintains sovereignty without forgetting its foundation on immigrant effort. It is essential for politicians and legislators to overcome their differences and find an effective solution to this challenge,” concludes Gondim, who has assisted numerous immigrants with their legal proceedings in the U.S.

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