Grupo Rotoplas 1Q22 ESG developments, making progress on the Environmental and Social fronts


April 21st, 2022 – (BMV: AGUA*) Miranda ESG reiterates its views on Rotoplas’s key ESG achievements, opportunities, and risks. The Company announced its first quarter earnings yesterday. On the ESG front, some interesting developments happened over the quarter that are worth highlighting:

  • The framework for a supplier ESG evaluation was defined as part of the public goals set to evaluate 100% of its suppliers under these criteria by 2025. We consider this is a positive step towards building a more sustainable supply chain process.
  • 20 hand washing stations were installed in Mexico City’s largest market, in partnership with the Mexican Red Cross. This is in line with Rotoplas’s efforts to increase access to clean water throughout the different geographies it operates in.
  • 25 water collection systems were installed together with Acciona in a community in Oaxaca with scarce resources. This is also aligned with Rotoplas’s efforts to increase access to clean water, especially in regions that are poverty stricken.
  • The Señorial water heaters plant in Argentina. which uses LEAN 4.0 technology, was inaugurated. With this technology, the plant will use less gas and electricity in its processes. This should help optimize Rotoplas’s environmental impact over time.


Overall, Rotoplas reiterated its commitment to its 2025 ESG goals, announced at its annual investor event last December. Miranda ESG will continue to monitor developments over the coming quarters and would expect Rotoplas will continue with its efforts on the many fronts related to its ESG goals.

Additionally, Miranda Global Research (MGR) published its financial coverage of AGUA* for the first quarter of 2022. Both reports are part of the independent analyst coverage. 


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