Grupo Rotoplas 3Q22 ESG developments, focus on Social


October 20th , 2022 – (BMV: AGUA*)   Miranda ESG reiterates its views on Rotoplas’s key ESG achievements, opportunities, and risks. The Company announced its third quarter earnings results yesterday. On the ESG front, some interesting developments happened over the last couple of months that stand out:

  • The company announced the second edition of the Rotoplas-FUNAM Award. This year, it was focused on driving forward and recognizing research conducted by female UNAM students, whose efforts lie in promoting the implementation of the new Mexican Official Standard NOM 001 on wastewater sanitation. 
  • Workshops and training on diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias were given to the administrative staff. Employees also discussed women’s role in the Company with Marina Diaz, one of Grupo Rotoplas’ Board Members.
  • In Argentina, the “Agua en Debate” forum was held, focused on creating awareness among high school students adequate water usage. This program impacted 864 students and 47 teachers in 36 different academic institutions.
  • In alliance with Acciona, the company supported 25 vulnerable families suffering from water shortages in the municipality of San Pedro Quiatoni, Oaxaca by installing rainwater harvesting systems.


On September 1st, the company also announced it would be making sustainability a joint responsibility between two of its six vice presidencies at the Group level to increase the scope and pace of its ESG execution. The team promoting the development of the Sustainability Strategy is now made up of seven highly experienced members.

Overall, Rotoplas maintains its commitment to its ESG goals. Miranda ESG will continue to monitor developments over the coming quarters and would expect Rotoplas to continue with its efforts on the many sustainability fronts it works in.


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