Latino population in the US is set to rise in 2024 due to immigration from Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia, highlights Gondim Law Corp

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  • Gondim Law Corp., with a strong track record in immigration law, is distinguished by its humanized approach and sensitivity to the legal needs of the Latino community.
  • Latin Americans in the United States is expected to grow in 2024, with an estimated 2 million immigrating from Brazil, Colombia and Argentina.
  • 2022 marked a precedent for the need of specialized legal advisory, with 781,075 naturalization applications received in the US.

Mexico City, January 8, 2024 – Gondim Law Corp, a renowned law firm with a strong Latin American connection, reaffirms its commitment to the Latino community in the United States, offering a full range of legal services for Spanish-speaking immigrants and residents.  

Aware of the strategic importance of work and tourist visas in U.S. foreign policy, and the positive influence that international travel has on the U.S. economy, Gondim Law stands out for its expert and personalized advice to the Latin American community.

In 2022, 781,075 applications for naturalization were submitted to the United States, out of which 111,637 were denied. Additionally, immigrants from various Latino regions arrived in the country: 30,876 from El Salvador; 16,990 from Guatemala; 17,099 from Honduras; and 21,025 from Venezuela. During the same year, North America accepted 25,519 refugees, according to data from the Department of Homeland Security.

During 2020, Latinos residing in the US were mainly 62% Mexicans and 16.2% individuals with Caribbean roots, such as Puerto Ricans and Cubans. Moreover, an increase in the Latino community is expected by 2024 with the arrival of 2 million immigrants, including Brazilians, Colombians, and Argentinians.

Gondim Law Corp. devotes itself to offering immigration solutions that are accessible and of high quality, from immigrants to immigrants. Emphasizing the human touch in each case and transparency with every client, Marcelo Gondim, President of Gondim Law Corp., states, “Our primary objective is to provide essential legal guidance to foreign citizens seeking progress in the United States. Our lawyers are federally licensed and members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), fully equipped to handle any legal challenges in immigration matters.”

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In Los Angeles, Gondim Law Corp. stands out as a law firm specialized in immigration, assisting foreign citizens in securing their legal residence in the United States. With attorneys certified in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, it provides comprehensive legal advice in green card processes and US visas. Specialized in a wide range of immigration procedures, from investor visas, work visas, extraordinary ability, and intra-company transfers to family services, including petitions, status adjustments, and naturalization, they provide personalized attention and a client-centered approach for every situation.

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