Miranda Policy & Data Solutions, newest division of Miranda Partners


Miranda Policy & Data Solutions, newest division of Miranda Partners

Enhancing Decision-Making Through Data-Driven Strategies

Mexico City, November 2, 2023 – Miranda Partners is pleased to announce the creation of Miranda Policy and Data Solutions (MPDS). The new division will assist companies, local governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to optimize their decision- making processes by providing data-driven and evidence-based solutions, supported by Artificial Intelligence and related evolving technologies.

The division will be headed by Christian Norton, former Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Director at the Federal Judiciary Council (CJF), Senior Advisor to the Chairman of Mexico’s Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), and Project Manager at the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS). Christian will also be involved in several existing areas of Miranda Partners.

About Miranda Policy and Data Solutions

In today’s evolving business environment, data has emerged as a crucial element in guiding decision-making processes in large corporations, government entities and NGOs. Major companies and organizations are utilizing data analytics and Artificial Intelligence tools to uncover valuable insights and trends, enabling them to strategize with enhanced clarity and foresight. This reliance on substantive data supports companies in making decisions grounded in measurable evidence and current information.

MPDS will provide consulting services so that its clients can make better and quicker decisions deeply rooted in quantifiable evidence, artificial intelligence and real-time information. These data-driven approaches allow companies and organizations to adapt more swiftly to market changes and evolving consumer preferences, heighten operational efficiencies, and bolster overall productivity.

MPDS will offer:
1. Analysis Services (Policy, & regulatory analysis; market research; surveys & focus groups; project evaluation; data management & visualization)

  1. Strategy Design Services (Leveraging insights from data analysis)
  2. Implementation Services (Monitoring & Assessment; feedback loops with clients)

About Christian Norton

During the past 15 years, Christian has successfully led high-impact projects related to justice, connectivity, health, education, and energy, with a special focus on the design and implementation of policies that bring much-needed services closer to the Mexican population.

Christian was recently involved in the design and launch of the Federal Judiciary Council’s most recent open data project – contributing to the development of easy-to-use and interactive dashboards that display the most relevant data from Mexico’s Judiciary Power. Previously at IFT, he participated in the design and implementation of key regulatory measures and competition resolutions to bridge Mexico’s digital gap. Additionally, he has led projects like the “CHKT en línea” mobile app which currently represents IMSS’ main digital tools for identifying people at risk of suffering from Diabetes or Hypertension by using big data and AI. He graduated with honors from the master’s in public policy program at The University of Chicago and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from ITAM.

“I am thrilled to join Miranda Partners as head of the new Policy and Data Solutions division. I am convinced that we will help our clients make strategic decisions to meet their objectives through a better understanding of their business environment, competitors, industry trends, and their customers’ preferences”, said Norton.

Miranda Policy and Data Solutions will work together and seek synergies with Miranda Partners’ existing divisions: Miranda Investor Relations, Miranda Global Research, Miranda ESG, Miranda Media & PR, Miranda Ratings Advisory, and Miranda Digital Design.

“The addition of Christian to the Miranda Partners family is a testament to the strength of the business the firm has built with the goal of becoming the leading Mexican financial analysis and communications firm,” said Damian Fraser, founder of Miranda Partners.

About Miranda Partners

Miranda Partners advises clients engaged in Investor Relations, Public Relations, Communication and Media Strategy, Independent Capital and Debt Analysis, ESG, Credit Rating Advisory, Financial Advisory, and Digital Solutions & Corporate Design. Our aim is to assist companies and investors in navigating the complex landscape, making sound decisions, and effectively communicating with their diverse stakeholders. For more information, please visit www.miranda-partners.com.


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