Pulsar Secures $8M to Revolutionize Manufacturing Efficiency in Latin America and the US

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  • Pulsar offers a significant enhancement in manufacturing efficiency, enabling a potential increase in production capacity by 30% or more.
  • Industry leaders, including Femsa, Sigma, Gruma, and Cemex, have adopted Pulsar’s innovative AI-driven solutions in their operations.


Palo Alto, CA, February 28, 2024 – Pulsar, a pioneer in AI-driven analytics for manufacturing operations, announced the closure of an $8 million funding round. This investment, led by Cometa and joined by Seaya Cathay Latam, Kayyak Ventures, and Arca Ventures, aims to amplify Pulsar’s mission of enhancing efficiency and maximizing production capacity across the manufacturing sector in Latin America and the United States. This initiative is a key contributor to the ongoing nearshoring revolution reshaping these regions.

Founded by a visionary team, including Matías Castillo, Juan Cristóbal Ruiz-Tagle, and Cristian Bartolomé, Pulsar stands at the forefront of AI-driven analysis in manufacturing operations. The team’s profound experience in Artificial Intelligence, manufacturing operations, and industrial automation, has positioned Pulsar as a critical player in the industry. Monitoring thousands of machines, Pulsar has identified that a significant number of them are not reaching their full optimized potential, highlighting opportunities to boost production capacity by 30% or more.

Pulsar revolutionizes factories by digitizing them within days, streamlining data-driven decision-making on the factory floor. This efficiency is made possible through their proprietary hardware and algorithms, which enable hassle-free setup without the need for equipment intervention. Pulsar provides reliable real-time data, helping manufacturers enhance their production capacity through faster issue resolution, minimized downtime, improved process control, and optimized maintenance, among other features.

“Accessing reliable data and adopting technology are mejor challenges in industrial environments. Pulsar’s user-friendly interface significantly simplifies how manufacturers access and utilize factory-floor data. This ease of use has allowed our clients to quickly see benefits across multiple organizational levels .” said Matías Castillo, CEO and co-founder of Pulsar.

Pulsar has earned the trust of numerous industry giants, including Femsa, Sigma, Gruma, Deacero Filiales, and Cemex. Serving various sectors such as metal, food processing, automotive, plastics, bottling, and cement, Pulsar operates in over a hundred factories and boasts contracts worth millions of dollars.

“Pulsar’s impressive team is unlocking a myriad of opportunities in the manufacturing sector. Their agile approach to meeting immediate factory needs, coupled with their advancement into a data-driven AI era, is remarkable.” said Rafael de Haro, Managing Partner of Cometa, the lead investor of the fundraising round. “With the nearshoring revolution in Mexico, other countries in Latin America, and the US, Pulsar is central to this development. We’re excited to partner with Matías, Cristian, and Juan Cristóbal as they guide the Latin American manufacturing industry toward unprecedented efficiency and innovation.”

“Latin American industries are uniquely positioned to capitalize on nearshoring opportunities,” stated Federico Gómez Romero Director at Seaya Cathay Latam. “However, many market leaders still rely on manual tracking methods for uptime and equipment efficiency, leading to reduced output and increased production costs. Pulsar’s innovative AI technology allows for easy installation of sensors in any production plant, accurately measuring OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). We look forward to working with the Pulsar team and leveraging our corporate network for their international expansion.”

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About Pulsar

Pulsar is an industry leader in AI-driven analytics for manufacturing operations. Founded in Palo Alto in 2020 by Stanford engineers Matias Castillo, Cristian Bartolome and manufacturing consultant Juan Cristobal Ruiz-Tagle, the company combines smart sensors with AI to provide real-time oversight and analytics for factories.

About Cometa

COMETA is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage technology companies serving Spanish-speaking markets. COMETA’s portfolio of companies includes Bitso, Cabify, Gaia, Kueski, Simetrik, Prometeo and Territorium, among others. Learn more at: https://cometa.vc. Contact: info@cometa.vc.

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Seaya Cathay Latam is a Venture Capital fund, based out of Mexico City, backing startups redefining industries and society across Latin America. A partnership between European VC platform Seaya and global venture capital firm Cathay Innovation, Seaya Cathay Latam is the direct link for local, purpose-driven entrepreneurs to the worldwide resources needed to build and scale resilient businesses that lead markets. To learn more, please visit www.sclatam.com or follow us on LinkedIn.

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