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Bogota, Colombia, November 29, 2022. Slang, a rapidly growing, AI-driven learning platform providing industry-specific English through the world’s largest collection of courses, is updating its corporate branding and visual identity to recognize accelerated demand for its products.

Slang is adopting the tagline “The language of professionals” to underscore its well-established leadership in the market as the world’s most trusted certifier for professional English, distinguishing itself from the largely ineffective ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach adopted by schools, apps, and other platforms. They currently provide a tailored language-learning experience to around 1,700 industry-specific job titles, such as Manufacturing, Design, Technology Services, Nursing, Construction, and Accounting, providing firms with the ability to generate specially curated language programs for individuals undertaking any role within the company. Slang also offers evaluations in Professional English-proficiency and fluency that are a key tool for constantly monitoring today’s moving target for employee skill improvement.

The relaunch, led by Slang’s Brand Design team and Manager Eduardo Ribeiro, in collaboration with Brazilian illustration firm Dialeto, embraces a fresh, dynamic look that reinforces the EdTech’s vision of being a company’s best friend and engaged partner for employee development and language upskilling; it aims to be the industry’s defining voice for professional development. The branding overhaul includes an upgraded platform, featuring well-researched improvements to user experience with a focus on user support at every step of the learning process.

“To properly express Slang’s vision, we decided to embrace this rebranding and overhaul our visual identity,” said Kamran Khan, CTO and co-founder at Slang. “We want the new brand to reflect a mature and distinguishable look that still conveys the essence of who we are as a company and what we hope to achieve. The bold, vibrant new image magnifies our presence in the corporate market and helps catch the public eye, connecting us with our audience, and setting us apart from the competition.”

“Our new identity will allow us to be more versatile by unlocking a realm of possibilities as we adapt to various new verticals and the growing demand for our course offerings,” Diego Villegas, CEO and co-founder at Slang added.“There is interest in Slang for global markets, and we want our brand to be universally recognizable as we look into different avenues for expansion. Our mission, after all, is to motivate people and companies to invest in professional development in order to eradicate professional illiteracy.”

Slang’s 2022 Performance Impact Report already proves successful results for the platform’s 415K total users, reporting a 68% increase in employees’ quality of life after enrolling in Slang’s program. Also, 41% of users noted development in leadership skills, 58% said the quality of their work improved, and 11% saw their income increase.

The new identity will be implemented across physical and digital assets to include: the learning app itself; the website and digital platform; and social media platforms, as they continue to challenge traditional learning systems. Through these improvements, Slang will be able to ensure stronger emotional connections with its user-base, focusing entirely on user’s outcomes.

This news follows the EdTech’s December 2021 announcement that it raised US$14 million in a Series A investment round, led by DILA Capital and Acumen Latam Impact Ventures (ALIVE). Slang continues to make waves, and in May of 2022, the World Economic Forum singled the startup out as a “Technology Pioneer,” and this August, HolonIQ recognized the company as one of the “Top 3 Most Promising Latin America Language EdTechs.”

About Slang: Slang is an extensively flexible English-learning program with the world’s largest offering of courses looking to become the industry standard for developing and certifying professional English. Its modular technology allows the creation of dynamic and optimized learning paths, based on the needs of each user, department, or organization, ensuring a hyper-personalized experience. Slang’s mission is to eradicate professional Illiteracy and enable access to knowledge and professional development.

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