Vinte in advanced process to realize a Sustainable Follow-On Equity Offering on the BMV for up to Ps. 2 billion

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Mexico City, Mexico, September 24th, 2021 – Vinte Viviendas Integrales S.A.B. de C.V. (“Vinte”) (BMV: VINTE), announces the recent favorable opinion granted on behalf of Pacific Corporate Sustainability (PCS), an International Independent Expert, assuring that the net resources obtained from the planned stock offering on the BMV will be entirely used for the development of sustainable housing communities. This means that the mentioned offering would be the first Sustainable Follow-On Offering in Latin America (and one of the first globally).

After having initiated the process with the CNBV and the BMV several months ago, on September 21 it was made public once the favorable opinion of sustainability was obtained.

The mixed public offering would be for up to Ps. $2 billion (the Company expects the primary offering to be slightly greater than 70% and the rest to be secondary), with the purpose of fulfilling its sustainable development objectives, and even expanding them.

Sergio Leal, Vinte’s Chairman of the Board, commented: “The resources would be used to continue our sustainable housing development strategy, seeking to satisfy our clients’ needs and contributing to Mexico’s economic and sustainable development. In addition, Vinte will continue to build the digitalization of its information cloud.”


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About Vinte
Vinte is a vertically integrated sustainable Mexican home builder with a clear focus on profitability. For more than 18 years Vinte has been developing sustainable housing complexes for families of entry-level, middle and upper-middle incomes. Vinte’s primary focus is on improving quality of life, for which it has obtained multiple national and international recognitions. Throughout its history, Vinte has developed more than 48,000 homes in six Mexican states, mainly in the central region of the country. Vinte has also achieved a high level of loyalty among its customers and wide brand recognition where it operates. Vinte has a highly qualified management team,  with more than 29 years of experience in the Mexican housing sector.

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